The Art Exchange (TAEX) Disclaimer

TAEX provides the opportunity to place digital art works in the form of non-fungible tokens on the platform. The Art Exchange does not create digital art. We only conduct art supervision and the Curator selects works of art, which will be presented at our Marketplace, and provide access for them to buyers. The NFT Marketplace provides you with the ability to create (or, as we call it, a mint), sell, buy, bid, collect, and otherwise transact certain digital media and works of art including real world art objects that can be represented as non-fungible tokens on blockchain.

If you are:

- a US person (as defined in the Securities Act of 1933, as amended); or

- a citizen or resident of Canada; or

- a citizen or resident of Japan

you are not allowed to access our platforms or

TAEX does not accept any responsibility whatsoever to, or as a result of, individuals or entities providing false certification or representation regarding their country of residence.

All adult citizens are allowed to buy or trade NFTs, as long as the law of their country does not restrict the right to acquire NFT tokens.

This document and any information on is for information purposes only (as offered by TAEX) and does not constitute financial, or other advice, a solicitation or offer, or an inducement to purchase or sell any service or security (as defined under applicable law). TAEX makes no warranties of any kind in relation to its content and services, including but not limited to accuracy, security, integrity and (financial or operational) performance of instruments and investments. Any use of is solely at TAEX user risk and discretion. TAEX user should always conduct own research, review and analysis, as well as verify content of services before relying on or using them. Every TAEX user executes all peer-to-peer transactions directly by means of digital wallets through smart contracts.