With an estimate between 200,000-300,000 GBP, how much will this work fetch?

Put your knowledge to test! With The Art Exchange, you can make a guess and earn some money if your prognosis is correct.

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'Beethoven' by Andy Warhol, the complete set of four screenprints in colours

$263,280 - 394,920

The Art Exchange is the first online platform for trading derivatives on collectibles*

How it works...

  • 1.

    Download The Art Exchange wallet app and log in to The Art Exchange.

  • 2.

    Select an artwork you like and fill in the details to make an order: the price below (or above) you think the work will go and your nominal.

  • 3.

    Check your potential takeaway with our calculator. Adjust your prognosis or confirm it and place the order.

  • 4.

    Done! The platform will match you with an opponent. A person, whose guess is accurate, will win

Why The Art Exchange

  • Innovative

    We are the first to offer financial contracts - analogies to futures - on art and collectibles.

  • Secure

    Built on blockchain, the platform auto-execute transactions, keeps your data anonymous and secure.

  • Compliant

    We comply with the current regulation on blockchain and financial procedures

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